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Flagship Products

Neochem’s Klaritol Pro 8700 is an extremely low foaming wetting and scouring agent that excels in emulsifying fats, waxes, and oils for both natural and synthetic fibers. It is APEO-NPEO free, offers excellent cleaning performance, and does not impair enzyme activity, making it ideal for soft flow processes and desizing baths. Klaritol Pro 8700 provides superior absorbency, low foaming behavior, and effective wash-off properties, especially on greige knitted fabrics.


Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries

Our Pre-treatment Auxiliaries are crafted with precision and dedication, designed to elevate your textile processes. With cutting-edge research and advanced chemistries, our products ensure superior results, bringing efficiency and care to every stage of your operations. Discover our range of solutions, meticulously formulated to enhance the quality and performance of your textiles, because in every fiber, every thread, and every weave, the details matter.

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Dyeing Auxiliaries

At Neochem, we understand that fabric is more than just material—it’s an expression of identity and comfort. Our Dyeing Auxiliaries line embodies this philosophy. With cutting-edge formulations and a commitment to quality, our products ensure vibrant, long-lasting colors that bring life to every fabric. Explore our innovative solutions designed to enhance the beauty and durability of textiles, because every thread counts.


Printing Auxiliaries

In the world of printing, every detail matters, and Neochem Printing Auxiliaries is dedicated to ensuring your prints are nothing short of perfection. Our cutting-edge, research-driven chemistries are designed to bring precision, quality, and innovation to your printing processes. Discover our range of solutions tailored to enhance the performance and vibrancy of your prints, making every project a masterpiece. At Neochem, we turn your printing challenges into seamless, high-quality outcomes, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every drop of ink.


Finishing Auxiliaries

Neochem offers a range of organic softeners under its FINISHING AUXILIARIES segment. The Revilon series includes products like Revilon CEQ Plus, a new generation plant-origin cationic softener that is hydrophilic in nature, suitable for cellulosic, synthetic, and their blends. Other offerings include Revilon KCP Ultra, Revilon RTS Flakes, and Revilon HTS, all cationic softeners with various benefits such as high surface smoothness and hot water solubility.


Specialty & Value
Added Performance Product

NEOCHEM enables growth with specialty and value-added performance products. Their offerings include oil and water repellents, breathability enhancers, UV protection, anti-slip, anti-pilling, flame retardants, and antimicrobial finishes. They provide solutions for scouring, dyeing, effective washing off, eco-friendly printing, color depth enhancement, and fabric property improvement. Additionally, NEOCHEM offers anti-linting agents, dye formulation aids, and textile effluent treatment chemicals.