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Elevate your textile experience with our innovative solutions, revolutionizing fabric quality and performance.

Revolutionize fabric quality with enhanced durability, vibrant colors, and peak performance. Experience textiles anew with our innovative solutions. Elevate expectations and indulge in fabrics that redefine excellence.

Enhancing fabric durability, color vibrancy, and performance.

Strengths & Competences

Research & Technology driven

Flexibility, Speed & Customization

Backward integrated chemistries

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Production Capacity

Annual production capacity of 22,000 MT for various product categories

Our annual production capacity of 22,000 metric tons spans multiple product categories, ensuring versatility and scalability in meeting market demands. This capacity underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality products across diverse industries. With streamlined processes, we maintain efficiency while accommodating dynamic market needs.

Warehouse Capacity

Our facility accommodates 500 MT of raw materials and 800 MT of
finished goods, ensuring streamlined inventory management.

Our facility boasts a raw material storage capacity of up to 500 metric tons, ensuring uninterrupted production. Additionally, we maintain a finished goods storage capacity of up to 800 metric tons, facilitating efficient inventory management. This ample storage enables us to meet varying demands while ensuring timely delivery to our customers.

Textile Chemicals

Transforming textiles with advanced chemistry, enhancing durability, color, and performance.


From enzymes to mercerizing agents, our comprehensive lineup ensures textile excellence.


Dispersing & Levelling agents Alkali donors, Washing off agents, Dye fixative agents, Foam inhibitors


Pigment printing aids, Value addition printing aids, Reactive, Disperse and discharge printing aids


Organic softeners and PE Wax emulsions, Silicone finishes, Touch modifiers, Resins

Our Certifications

Quality Assured, Excellence Certified. Explore Our Credentials. Trust in Our Certified Standards.